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It used to be the jobs that were rare and exclusive. Now it's you!

We've turned hiring on its head. We feature great PHP developers like you to top companies that need your talents.

Employers reach out to you with interview requests. You cherry pick the best ones and find the perfect job.

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We network with the best companies so you don't have to.

You know that networking is the best way to get a new job, but how do you network with the right companies?

We’ve done the networking for you, finding the best employers out there with remote jobs as well as jobs in featured cities such as New York and San Francisco.


LaraTalent is an all new way to get hired

  1. Rather than trying to convince each and every company with a job opening to interview you, you only have to convince us!
  2. Once we’re convinced we’ll feature you to employers.
  3. Employers then contact you and ask for an interview. You’re in the driver's seat approving the interview requests with the companies you find most interesting.

I just signed a contract for a new job. Being featured was a great benefit and it gave me more leverage and credibility during interviews. Overall a very positive experience.


Senior Software Developer

Apply now and take the hassle out of job hunting.

Stop sending hundreds of resumes,
let employers come to you.

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  • Applying is fast and easy
  • There’s never any cost to you
  • Stealth Mode filters out your current employer so they never see you as a featured developer
  • If selected, you’ll be featured with only a handful of other developers for one full week to thousands of great companies and available via the archive afterwards.